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Deperture Control Systems, DCS

Passengers check-in is one of the most important stages of technological services in aviation. NW DCS has been created to make this stage quite easier. It is realy practical and funtional to use.

Besides, NW DCS is a web-based system and it can be easily integrated to all aviation programs and systems

Lydia PSS

Passanger Sevice SystemPSS

PSS is a series of critical systems used by airlines and it is the root of the aviation IT. NW PSS comprises full reservation, inventory and departure control capabilities, delivering a unique, integrated solution.

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Fraud, refers to online transactions made by using counterfeit, stolen credit card or copying credit card information in electronic commerce. In case of Fraud, a situation that is often encountered by businesses that accept transactions online, businesses face the risk of chargeback. The concept of fraud control emerged when businesses tried to deal with fraud and to minimize this risk.

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Electronic Flight Bag, EFB

EFB, is an electronic information management device that helps flight crew perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper. It is a general purpose-computing platform intended to reduce,or replace, paper-based reference material often found in the Pilot’s carry-on Flight Bag, including Aircraft Operating Manual , Flight Crew Operating Manual , Navigational Charts (including moving map for air and ground operations).


Cabin Service Manager, CSM

NW CSM is a mobile-tablet based application that reduces the need for paper. System is integrated to various airline back-end systems and collects and uploads a range of information before and after the flight. NW CSM enables your cabin crew to access additional information before, during and after flight. They can easily synchronize completed crew forms to the airline headquarter server on landing. NW CSM is daily used by 900 flight attendants worldwide.

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NW Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program, FFB

Customer is one of the most important factor in global world. Loyalty programs aim to meet customer request and to effect to preferability. It provides lots of benefits for customers and make them feel special. You may easily create customer database and reach them for new campaign.